SizweAfrica - About Us

Supply Chain Consulting

We provide consulting services in all areas of supply chain planning and execution. This includes assessment of the overall organisational supply chain capability, defining gaps and improvement areas and developing processes and standards across the organisation. We use LEAN methodology as a key enabler in all that we do and offer LEAN training as one of our service offerings.

Our services in this area include:

  • Supply Chain analysis, design and optimisation of supply chain and logistics processes.
  • Project Management and solution implementation services.
  • Organisational Design and enablement for logistics and supply chain operations -
    We provide organisational design expertise, RACI model and job description formulation and, where applicable, specialist recruitment services.

Supply Chain Design

  • Here we seek to understand your business goals and objectives and then look to align your supply chain design with those goals.
  • We then model your historical and forecasted products flows through your network to determine ideal network design and footprint.
  • The final step is then to determine ROI on the proposed network design changes.

Supply Chain

  • SizweAfrica offers Sales and Operations Planning design and implementation services working with a number of product partners to ensure the optimal solution is deployed at the client.
  • We adopt a "planning for profit" approach to ensure the entire value chain is optimised and trade-off decisions take into account all possible variables to deliver the best possible outcome

Fleet Optimisation Services

This service caters to the individual needs of fleet operators ranging from those delivering goods and services to rental or full-maintenance lease. Our team have both operational and technology implementation experience in the area of fleet planning and fleet management.

The services we provide include:

  • Selection of appropriate assets and tools for your business.
  • Establishing the proper maintenance and management procedures for those assets, including asset planning and tracking.
  • Risk and insurance management as well as safety procedures and driver training.
  • Selection and implementation of supporting tools and technologies, such as routing and scheduling software, tracking systems, BI tools and so on.

Warehouse Optimisation Services

We provide consulting and design inputs to ensure effective management of your warehousing operations. With our extensive experience in operation of warehouses and implementation of warehouse management systems we have a comprehensive understanding of how a warehouse should operate.

This services includes:

  • Assessment of your current and future warehousing and inventory management needs.
  • Analysis of existing infrastructure and equipment and defining requirements to achieve optimal performance.
  • Selection and contracting of warehouse design and technology service providers.
  • Implementation project management and support, including supporting processes and measures to ensure maximum value is extracted from your investment.

Business Intelligence

  • Our BI solutions will enable an organization to have full visibility of their entire businesses performance metrics and key strategic measures.
  • We work closely with Dundas Dashboard, a global leader in providing visibility solutions.
  • We offer a complete solution including the design, building and deployment of data visualisation solutions. Our solutions are rapidly deployed with low cost investment, providing the business the means to make quicker more factually based business decisions.