SizweAfrica - About Us

Our deployment methodology has been developed over the last 18 years of practical experience working with over 100 local and international customers. Establishing a competitive advantage is about aligning supply chain strategy to your business goals, ensuring the network design is in line with your route-to-market strategy and deploying the appropriate process and technology enablers to achieve those goals. Then it's about creating sustainability by identifying the most capable and trained team, in-house or external to drive the solution going forward.

Our areas of Specialisation include:
  • bullet   Supply Chain consulting and business process optimisation
  • bullet   Supply Chain design
  • bullet   Supply Chain planning/APS Solutions
  • bullet   Fleet Optimisation Services
  • bullet   Warehouse Optimisation Services
  • bullet   BI/Dashboard Solutions
  • bullet   Business Process Outsourcing
Industries of Specialisation:
  • bullet   3rd Party Logistics
  • bullet   FMCG Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • bullet   Cold Chain Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • bullet   Fresh Produce Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • bullet   Automotive Parts and Accessories Supply Chain
  • bullet   Insurance and Finance
  • bullet   Fleet Owners and Operators
  • bullet   Full Maintenance Leasing
  • bullet   Tracking and Telematics
  • bullet   Manufacturing operations
  • bullet   Maintenance and Repair Operations